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Ideas in Charge

Behind this website there is more than just flash. Beneath this website there is an idea... and ideas are all about us. About our life. Ideas stretch our universe. They flood us with that joyful feeling of making something new and different. They put us into such an electrified motion that we love being in that state. In short, when ideas take hold of us, nothing can stop us.

How do we link ideas with you? We do a lot of communication and a lot of thinking in between too.

The goal is a single good idea.

The ideation process is all about coming up with a good idea. The key challenge, however, is knowing what constitutes a good idea. The goal of our ideation, is not lots of ideas – though from that lot we single out the best one that stands really good. Instead, the goal should be to construct the single, best solution to satisfy the needs of the target customers and, enabling client to get their outreach faster and more effective than before.

Our ideas come last not first!

There is one belief that as soon as a problem or design work is put across by clients – we will get immediate idea. No! We think thoroughly and then decide on the best idea. That’s the difference. Sometimes, we do come up with an impromptu idea as soon as we have our first briefing with you. But mostly, we think hard and engage in all possibilities into a ‘good, strong’ idea. So for us, an idea is the output of the innovation process, not the starting point.

Why are we like this? Because it is nearly impossible to have a good solid idea before knowing what customer, job-to-be-done, segment, unmet needs, and price the idea has to address. These essential inputs are needed beforehand to execute successful ideas. The chances that any random idea will satisfactorily address all these prerequisites in our first meeting itself are miniscule.

Brainstorming ideas….

Our ideation process works because it is built around the first brief - knowing all the customers’ needs, in advance of the ideation process. Prior to ideation, we do our ‘homework’. We try to find out and try to capture and prioritize all the customers’ needs. With all the essential information in hand, we dig in and word towards constructing a good idea.

Bringing Ideas to Life

We are passionately intent in bringing our ideas to life. Ideas that achieve fruition make us proud. But more than that we feel pride in connecting our ideas with life – ideas that help, ideas that propel a change, ideas that make you sit up and notice, ideas that make you act.