Company Profile

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Ideative Force Field

We believe that ideas have a force. They pull you to do more. Like every design agency we have our pull-force; a strong inclination towards creating graphic designs and surface designs. Our specializations are in these two spheres.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an exponentially growing field these days. There are so many innovations and bubbling creative designs seen these days that it seems that there is no dearth of talent. Talking about talent; we love to design and since we have talent why not use it? Moreover, the competitiveness gives us all the more adrenalin rush to stay on course with the latest in the field. In our designs we dwell on simplicity and tone.

Our combination of words and art works makes a good blend of design. Also, the homework that we do after the client briefings add more value to our designs. Want to have a sample of how? Check our ‘Ideations Sphere’ and ‘Design Impact’.

Surface Design

Surface design is the art of combining design sense into the surface areas such as tiles, wallpapers and such surface covering elements. With more than 5 years of extensive experience in tile industry; we have combined our knowledge and understanding into our design framework. We understand what kind of tiles are used where and which materials are involved in making them. Accordingly we create designs that are themed and also take into consideration their make – rough surface, smooth surface, matt surface or glossy surface – and include this inherent knowledge into creating their design.

We have been around this industry so long that we have even experienced its dramatic change from – “Can you put some kind of design for our tiles?” to “We want to bring out designer tiles that are fungus resistant. So the designs should be bright and have look of summer shades”. Such a huge shift from what tile industry was then and how it has so much evolved today. Having gone through all the changes, we have a good grip on the nuances of the surface design market.